•  What do I get in the program?

    When you join the program you will get access to a 30 Day Challenge ebook, the Mind Switch guide, the Weight Loss guide, Meal Tracker, and entrance into a closed Facebook group. Among many of the benefits to the group, there is access to recipes and weekly live videos from Deborah. 

  • How do I access my downloads after I purchase?

    After your payment is processed you will receive an email with links to the program information. Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you don't receive the email right away. Sometimes it can end up there

  • Is this a ketogenic diet?

    Yes, Deborah's diet plans are built on a foundation of the ketogenic diet but Deborah has heavily adapted the traditional ketogenic diet specifically for women. Please click here to download and view our diet comparison sheet

  •  Do I get a set meal plan?

    Please watch this short video Deborah has made explaining the difference between a food plan and a meal plan. This video will also show you how to navigate the dietClick HERE to watch the video

  •   Can I see a sample meal plan?

    Breakfast: hollandaise + eggs + free leafy greens

    Morning tea: fruit 

    Lunch: oil based dressing on chicken salad 

    Afternoon tea: nuts & fruit 

    Dinner: cheese topped cottage (Shepherd's) pie 

    Dessert: yogurt


  • Can I do this program with a food intolerance (e.g gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs etc)/If I don't like certain food(s)/If I am outside of NZ/US/Australia?

    Deborah's unique food plan & extensive food lists give you the flexibility to adapt the plan to suit your food preferences, intolerance and regional produce availability. Our team offers advice and support around meal planning, recipes, and navigating the plan in the exclusive member's only Facebook community throughout the challenge. You can also submit any questions to the support email listed in your welcome email. 


  • How long does the challenge run/can I start whenever I like?

    The 30 day Challenge runs every month. The support included for the challenge is accessed via your membership site where you can log tickets to our Customer Support Team. There is also a Facebook group where we encourage customers to support each other during the challenge. That support from our team is only for the 30 days that the challenge is running.


  • Why is the program priced in USD/what is the price in my local currency?

    The program is marketed worldwide, and USD is the most widely accepted currency for online purchases. You can check the price in your local currency at


  • Can I do this program with my health issue (most frequently: diabetes, high cholesterol, PCOS or fertility issues, high blood pressure, no gallbladder, gastric sleeve, gout, menopause, under 40/post menopause, IBS, Crohn's, thyroid issues, pregnant, breastfeeding)?

    Thousands of women have improved their health through this whole foods program, which has a focus on reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, restoring gut health, and helping you to achieve a healthy weight which are all beneficial for a myriad of health issues. If you are concerned about the impact of dietary changes on your particular health concerns, we recommend that you discuss this program with your healthcare provider. Feel free to share this diet comparison guide with them when discussing your health. We also have a Naturopath and Nutritionist on staff that you can book consultations with.


  •  Is this program suitable for men?

    Yes, men typically do very well on this plan! Portion guidelines for men are included in the program materials.

  • What is the difference between 30 Day Challenge and the TKS program?

    The 30 Days One Dress Size challenge is a short introduction to a whole foods based ketogenic diet, and designed to help you lose a dress size in just 30 Days. This plan includes 30 days of program materials, and support from our team in a dedicated Facebook group for the month of the challenge. The Ketogenic Switch (TKS) program includes a more in-depth plan with 8 weeks of program materials; guidelines on following the plan for additional weight loss beyond one dress size; a plan for maintaining your goal weight long term; includes Deborah's full Mind Switch program and bonus program materials.

  • Do I get physical copies of this program materials?

    The program guides are in the form of PDF ebooks which are yours to download and keep. There are additional video resources available in the Facebook community for the duration of the challenge, including recipes and Deborah's Facebook lives.


  •  Is this program suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

    This program is suitable for vegetarians, with a range of vegetarian proteins included in the food lists. While Deborah does have a vegan protocol that successfully results in weight loss, she doesn't recommend vegan keto as a healthy long term lifestyle due to the limited low carb healthy protein options available. Long term, she suggests cycling between a ketogenic diet and carb cycling to ensure protein replenishment if you live a plant-based lifestyle.


  •  When will I be added to the Facebook group?

    Our team will be approving requests to join the Facebook community in the week before the challenge starts.

  •  Are the foods easy to source? I'm in a remote area or country.

    Yes, they are typical foods found in most supermarkets...steak, chicken, fish, seafood, lamb etc. Vegetables, fruits etc. Many women across the globe are on this program. The food list is designed carefully by Deborah to contain the best nutritional whole foods that are accessible in most common areas.

  •  Can I do this plan if I have cancer?

    Melanie, our resident Naturopath is best qualified to provide the response to this question. If you would like to book in a session with Melanie you can book a consultation here.

  •  Can I eat bread?

    Bread or bread substitutes are not on the plan for active weight loss. However in the longer term, once goal weight is reached and the metabolism is stabilized into fat burning, you can absolutely introduce foods like bread back into the diet without a rebound in weight.


  •  Can children eat this way?

    Yes! Children and teens can definitely follow the program without portion restrictions. You can offer them additional healthy carbs from time to time if they want them in the form of quinoa, roasted potatoes, pasta, etc as sides to meals you are cooking for yourself. Our staff can help you with meal ideas to include the whole family, so you don't have to cook separate meals.

  •  Is this suitable if I don’t want to lose weight, just doing it for health reasons?

    While this is primarily a weight release program, it is incredibly hormone balancing and numerous health benefits are to be gained by switching to a healthy whole foods ketogenic diet. You would need to touch base with our staff about your intentions (ie: not desiring to release weight) and in the early weeks, follow the advice to minimize exercise while the energy transfer is taking place. It is highly likely that in the first two weeks, some initial weight release will occur when we are encouraging your body to switch to ketosis, but once there, we can arrest and stabilize this. So yes, this program can be done for health benefits without significant weight release; if that is preferred.


  •  Is this manageable for the family?

    Our staff can help you with meal ideas to include the whole family so you don't have to cook separate meals. Most of our staff have families themselves and have cooked this way for years accommodating different food intolerance and preferences within the family unit easily. The program itself is Gluten Free and can also be Dairy Free if desired (but doesn't have to be). It is not nearly as hard as one might imagine it to be. So indeed, this is definitely manageable for a family.

  •  I’m gluten-free, will this be ok for me?

    Yes! The program is Gluten Free. You can sign up with confidence.

  •  I have multiple food allergies, can I see a food list before I pay?

    While we cannot provide you with a full food list prior to sign up, if you would like to touch base with us via the online chat and advise your specific food allergies, we would be more than happy to advise you.

  •  I have kidney disease, is this safe for me?

    Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects approximately 195 million women worldwide. With around 600,000 deaths annually it is the 8th leading cause of death in women globally. Two major factors contributing to CKD are type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

    That is why we love celebrating all the amazing weight loss achievements on Deborah's program! We know each kg or lb lost reduces your chances of type 2 diabetes, helps reduce blood pressure and moves you further away from chronic diseases like CKD.


  •  What kinds of foods must I avoid on this plan?

    For active weight loss, we avoid bread, grains, rice, potatoes, processed carbohydrates and sugar; as these foods will absolutely prevent you from becoming ketogenic, which is what we are aiming for! In active ketosis it will enable your body to burn stored fat. We also encourage avoiding coffee. In the longer term we will teach you how to incorporate all these foods back into your diet in a way that you will not see a rebounding of weight gain. So we say there is no food off limits forever!



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